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What is the Best Nylabone® Product for My Dog?



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  • Flavor Frenzy DuraChew® 

    Indulge and occupy your dog with Flavor Frenzy chew toys that come ina variety of delicious flavors like philly cheese steak and meat lover's pizza! 

  • Healthy Edibles Wild

    Excite your dog's most primal instincts with Healthy Edibles Wild chews that feature traditional wild protein sources to occupy and satisfy. These mouth-watering flavors of nature will make your dog go wild!

  • Healthy Edibles Flavor Combo Dinosaur

    Healthy Edibles Flavor Combo edible chews are sure to keep your dog occupied. Featuring a fun Tyrannosaurus Rex shape, these delciious bacon & beef chews are highly digestible, contain vitamins & minerals, and are always made in the USA.

  • Flavor Frenzy Birthday Bone

    Celebrate your dog's birthday with the Flavor Frenzy Birthday Bone! Inspired by the most popular and indulgent foods with love, Nylabone's Flavor Frenzy non-edible chew toys celebrate the tastes dogs dream of with zero calories!

  • DuraChew® Antler Alternative

    This safer, cleaner, and MUCH longer-lasting alternative to real antlers is splinter-free and made with Calcium and minerals. Designed for powerful chewers to help discourage destructive chewing.


  • Nutri Dent® Complete 3-Point

    Nutri Dent's patented 360-degree cleaning action design just got three times the value! The 3-prong edible dental chew is easily digestibile, natural, freshens breath, and reduces plaque and tartar more than weekly brushing*.


    DuraChew® Hoof Alternative

    This safer, cleaner, and MUCH longer-lasting alternative to real hooves is splinter-free and made with calcium and minerals. Fill the inside of the Nylabone Hoof with a scoop of peanut butter, wet canned food, cheese, or other treats for added treat-and-chew fun!


  • Bend and Twist Sax-O-Bone

    The bend-and-twist center of the Sax-O-Bone will keep your dogs entertained with a crackle sound. Chew-ready durable ends discourage destructive chewing.

  • Dental Chew Rhino

    Gently rounded dental nubz and bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque & tartar build-up.

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