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What is the Best Nylabone® Product for My Dog?


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  • DuraChew® Reach & Chew

    Multi-textured, long-lasting chew toy designed for powerful chewers. Its rippled texture plus bristles raised during chewing help promote healthy dental hygiene by cleaning teeth.

  • DuraChew® Rawhide Alternative Knot Bone

    A safer and cleaner alternative to real rawhide! The DuraChew Rawhide Alternative Knot Bone is a long-lasting chew toy designed for powerful chewers. 

  • Puppy Boomerang Chew

    Made with softer material to help puppies learn positive chewing habits, the Puppy Boomerang Chew relieves teething pain and engages your puppy in healthy playtime activity. 

  • DuraChew® Cheese Bone

    A new cheesy flavor! The DuraChew Cheese Bone is a long-lasting chew toy designed for powerful chewers. Its unique textures help clean your dog's teeth and reduce plaque.

  • FlexiChew® Small Dog Dental Pack

    This triple pack is a trifecta of flavorful FlexiChew toys to entertain your moderate chewer! 

    DuraChew "X" Bone

    Long-lasting and durable chew toy with flavor throughout, featuring a comfort-hold design. Designed for powerful chewers with four textured chewing ends. 


    DuraChew Flavor Frenzy Pork Chop

    Long-lasting, unique and delicious flavors – with zero calories! Designed for powerful chewers, this pork chop chew toy engages and entertains while discouraging destructive chewing. 


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