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Nylabone® Introduces Two Chews ‘Just for Puppies’ to Popular NutriDent® and Healthy Edibles® Lines

Nutritious Treats Specially Formulated for Dogs during First Stage of Life

February 21, 2009


Two wholesome edible chews that are “puppy perfect” have been added to Nylabone® Products’ popular NutriDent® and Healthy Edibles® product lines.


A trusted leader and innovator of pet care products for more than 50 years, Nylabone has specially formulated these nutritious chews to be gentle enough for a puppy’s delicate digestive system and soft enough for their “baby” teeth and sensitive gums. Equally as important, they promote good chewing habits for years to come.


“Our new puppy products are a natural extension of the NutriDent and Healthy Edibles lines,” says Mark E. Johnson, executive vice president of Nylabone Products and parent company T.F.H. Publications, Inc., based in Neptune City, N.J. “They are made entirely in the United States from wholesome ingredients that are used in most of our edible products. They are highly digestible, which is vital for young dogs, and contain no preservatives, no added sugar or salt.”


The new NutriDent and Healthy Edibles puppy chews are Nylabone’s answer to the growing demand among pet owners for products that are tailor-made for the newest — and many times, the youngest — member of the family. “Many pet parents consider their puppies to be their babies, and they want ensure they receive the highest quality products,” Johnson explains. “Our puppy formulas are vitamin fortified with a special balance of potassium and sodium, which plays a critical nutritional role in growth and development.”


Whether it’s to ease the discomfort of teething, explore new surroundings or satisfy hunger, these edible chews also address a puppy’s instinctive need and natural desire to chew. “Nylabone puppy edibles are safe alternatives to prevent inappropriate chewing and help dogs beginning at three months of age develop non-destructive chewing habits that last a lifetime,” Johnson says.

What also make these chews “puppy perfect” are their mouth-watering taste and just-right size. There are two flavors of NutriDent edible dental chews for puppies: milk-protein fortified, and bacon and cheese. Their 360-degree all-around brush shape helps to clean teeth, freshen breath and massage the gums. They come in two sizes — small for puppies up to 15 pounds, available in six-count packs, and medium for puppies up to 30 pounds in four-count packs.


Made from all-natural ingredients, Healthy Edibles’ two flavors for puppies are baby food-inspired — turkey and sweet potatoes, and lamb and apples. These bone-shaped treats also are available in two sizes — petite for puppies up to 15 pounds in four-count packs and regular for puppies up to 30 pounds in packs of three.


The new puppy chews have joined the selections of NutriDent and Healthy Edibles available at most major retailers. They complement Nylabone’s wide array of American-made natural, edible chews and treats, including Prime Choice® edible snacks and VidaÔ Organic Treats.


About Our Puppy Edible Chews

Edible chews are “treat” bones that are designed to be consumed and are not long-lasting chews. Their “lifespan” depends on how determined a chewer your dog is. Be sure your dog does not break off and swallow large pieces.


Nylabone’s puppy edible chews are specially formulated for dogs beginning at three months of age, differentiating them from our adult-dog edible chews, which are best enjoyed by a dog with all of its permanent teeth and are not recommended for the immature digestive systems of puppies.


You may want to check with your veterinarian as to your puppy’s age, weight, daily caloric intake and activity level to determine the proper time to introduce puppy edible chews into a daily diet.

Nutri Dent® for Puppies - Bacon & Cheese Nutri Dent® for Puppies - Milk Protein Healthy Edibles® Puppy - Lamb & Apples Healthy Edibles® Puppy - Turkey & Sweet Potato

Nylabone® Products’ has added two “puppy perfect” edible chews to its popular NutriDent® and Healthy Edibles® product lines.

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