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Edible Chews and Treats for Dogs

Dog eating Nutri Dent

What better way to reward your dog for a job well done than by giving him a delicious edible treat? Some chews are edible, designed for your furry friend to chew and consume. They are safe for him to eat completely, and they come in a variety of flavors, textures, and sizes. Look for natural, highly digestible chew treats without any plastics or added preservatives.

Some dogs are allergic to specific items, such as certain protein sources, gluten, or grains like wheat and corn, so only give them chew treats that are free of those allergy triggers. Read the ingredients of any treats you give your four-legged friend to be sure that you are doing your best to help keep him both happy and healthy.

Dog Treat/Edible Chew Solutions from Nylabone:

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