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The Riley Report – Nutri Dent Filet Mignon

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Riley Gets a Taste of His Filet Mignon Nutri Dent®

No treat gets my Golden Retriever, Riley, to scurry to my side faster than Nutri Dent. They are the filet-mignon flavored variety, so just a crack of the bag gets him to run over faster than when he sees a rabbit out in the backyard!

These natural chew treats are perfect for rewarding Riley for good behavior, because he loves the taste, and they help control plaque and tartar while freshening up Riley’s dog breath! He seems to enjoy Nutri Dent more than his other treats because they last longer than just a small biscuit. He has a meticulous process of eating his Nutri Dent: first he licks it for a while (he clearly enjoys the flavor!), and he then proceeds to chew on it until it’s gone. Riley is left satisfied, and I notice he continues to behave particularly well afterwards—probably in hopes of receiving another Nutri Dent! Find a Nylabone edible chew or treat for your Golden Retriever or large dog!

Riley Chews His Favorite Nutri Dent

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