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5 Goofy Dog GIFs

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If you’re looking for something quick, cute, and silly, then look no further! Here at Nylabone, we love cute animals and giggling just as much as you dog-loving humans. We came across some outrageously cute and hilarious GIFs (graphics), and we just couldn’t help but share.

1. Good Kitty

An adorable Golden Retriever gives his kitty pal a pat on the head, but he doesn’t seem to appreciate it.

2. Prim & Proper

This cute dog crosses her paws to be just like her mama!

3. Roar

It’s highly likely that this is really a yawn or sneeze, but it looks like a roar, which makes it that much cuter.

4. Burrito Dog

This dog seems to be a burrito enthusiast. Either he is preparing for winter, or his owner eats a lot of Chipotle.

5. W-A-L-K Dog

Apparently this dog loves walks more than your average dog, and your average dog really loves walks.

One Response to 5 Goofy Dog GIFs

  1. Deborah Dellinger October 28, 2012 @ 3:53 pm

    Really love & enjoy viewing these .. Keep posting these action-type funny ads. I pass these on to my friends to enjoy, too ! Thank you !

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