Creative Play Tuug Dog Tug Toy

Did you know a dog's mind is like a young child’s? You simply need the right toys to unleash that imagination! Made from flexible material in an alluring loop shape, the versatile Tuug is designed to tap into your fur kid's creative potential. Whether you and your pup see a dog tug toy, an interactive infinity symbol, or even a new favorite peek-a-boo toy, there’s no limit to what this dog enrichment toy can be. Grip it, tug it, twirl it…the possibilities are amusingly endless! Remember: this play toy is not intended for chewing.

  • This Creative Play toy is for playtime fun, not chewing. Always supervise your dog and remove & replace the toy if it is damaged
  • Firm yet flexible, the Tuug offers a grippy, intriguing texture
  • Grip, tug, or twirl this captivating toy…it even floats!
  • Whether it's a dog tug toy or a giant bracelet, the Tuug can become something new every day
  • Discover new ways to play together or with another fur kid! 

UPC#: 018214852827

Helps With:

  • Boredom