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January 2012

How to Socialize Your Puppy

One of the most valuable lessons you can teach your puppy is that the world is a safe place, with kind humans and friendly dogs and other animals. The act of exposing your puppy to the world is called socialization. Many puppy owners have heard that this is important but really don’t know how to go about doing it correctly. If you do it right, you’ll help your puppy grow up to be confident and outgoing. If it’s done wrong, you can inadvertently create a frightened, aggressive puppy. Read More

puppy socialization
Puppy Rope ToyPuppy Rope Toy

Product of the Month

NEW! Puppy Rope Toys: Puppy Dura Toy Rope Toys deliver ultimate play-and-chew fun while helping to establish the parent-puppy bond. Available in a variety of textures and shapes that your puppy will LOVE! Read More

Breed of the Month

Wire Fox Terrier: Outgoing, energetic, and self-assured, the Wire Fox Terrier is a wonderful, sturdy pet for an active family. Although he is confident and friendly with strangers, he does have a tendency to be protective of his owners. With proper socialization he can get along well with other dogs, but he should not be unsupervised around smaller pets that he might view as prey, such as birds, hamsters, or rabbits. He is gregarious and not well suited to being left alone for long periods. He tends to be vocal and may bark a lot.
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Wire Fox Terrier

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