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Dog Activities & Fun 

7984Dogs are often referred to as "faithful companions," and the description is quite accurate. Most dogs will happily accompany their owner anywhere and love to participate in any activity that involves their owner. Learn more about different dog activities and choose some that you and your dog can enjoy together.

Dogs & Traveling

Before you take your dog away for any extended period of time, there are some things you should be aware of. Arm yourself with information and also discover some easy ways to locate dog-friendly establishments.

Becoming a Therapy Dog

What does it take to be a therapy dog? Could your dog fill this important role?

Games & Competition

Whether you're interested in simple games (Hide & Seek, Fetch) or organized competitions (agility, dancing, dog shows, fly ball, flying disc, obedience, tracking), you can learn more about them here and see if there's one that your dog might excel at.

Outdoor Activities for Your Dog

Keeping in step with your dog starts with keeping your dog fit. Even more so than human beings, dogs need exercise to stay healthy, happy, and out of mischief. If your dog is elderly, out of condition, or stricken with arthritis or hip dysplasia, consult your veterinarian about the amount of exercise that is right for him.

Traveling Tips for Your Senior Dog

As your dog gets older its important to keep them active. Here are some tips for travelling with your dog. If your older dog can't travel with you, consider doggy day care, kennel or dog sitter.

Safe Summer Fun With Your Dog

Ah, those lazy days of summer—or not! Even though the weather has become a lot warmer, your dog still needs exercise, although you must take extra precautions.

Occupying Your Dog in Summertime

For dogs the summer months can be all too long without something to do when their owners are away or busy. They aren’t called the dog days of summer for nothing!


Tips from the Trainer: 4 Tricks for Rainy Days

April showers do indeed bring May flowers. When April rains pitter patter down, dog owners may be more reluctant to venture outdoors. Some indoor tricks can help keep everyone occupied, entertained, and dry!



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