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7 Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Him

By Tammy Gagne


National Dog Week is coming up soon—this year it’s the last full week of September. Those of us lucky enough to be sharing our lives with dogs know that these amazing creatures are among the most loyal companions on earth. Their love and dedication are unconditional. A single day, therefore, just wouldn’t be long enough to pay proper tribute to these four-legged family members. In honor of the week-long event, here are some suggestions for making the most of each and every day.



Start off by lavishing your pet with the thing that truly means most to him: your time. Whether you walk your dog in the morning or later in the afternoon, add a little extra time today. Set your alarm a bit early, or decide that dinner can wait an extra 20 minutes so that you can take the long way. Your dog will delight in this change of routine, and you will both benefit from the extra exercise. You might even decide to make the longer stroll a weekly indulgence.


Be sure to take along water for both of you, especially if the weather is warm. Likewise, check for ticks when you return for the sake of safety if you walk in the woods. Keep the pace reasonable for your pet’s age and activity level. He will show you what he can handle. You may even allow him to choose the course! Nothing is more fun for a dog than being able to follow his nose.



Meeting up with friends is as fun for your dog as it is for you. Call a dog-owning friend and meet up for a doggy play date. You needn’t take to the road or even scope out dog parks—although that is certainly an option for well-mannered pets. Your canine duo will likely enjoy just running around in the backyard. Make toys available, of course, but these playthings are only props. The goal is to provide your pet with the chance to socialize with his friend.


Many owners work at socializing their animals as pups, but they often forget that spending time around other dogs is the best way to maintain an outgoing temperament. Think of how great you feel after you make time to meet a friend for coffee. Just being able to catch up and laugh helps melt the stress away. It works similarly for dogs. Spending time with other dogs is a great way to help your pet burn off tension and relax.



One of the best ways to show your dog how much you love him is to keep him well groomed. Dogs who receive regular grooming when they are young usually tolerate grooming remarkably well. Some even come to enjoy tasks like being brushed. 


Many pet owners delegate bigger grooming tasks to professionals, but all dog owners should at least brush their pets on a regular basis. Brushing removes dead hair, dirt, and other debris from the coat. Plus, when performed gently, brushing can feel like getting a massage. What dog wouldn’t enjoy that? Reward your dog even further by offering him a Three-Point Nutri Dent Edible dental chew. He will see it as a tasty treat for his good behavior, but you will know that it’s cleaning his teeth and freshening his breath.



Buying a new toy for your dog is fun, but taking him along for a ride so that he can pick it out himself is even better. The pet supply store is the perfect place to take your dog for a field trip. Chances are this establishment is among your regular stops. Buying healthy dog food and treats is part of every pet owner’s routine, after all. Why not allow your dog to join in, turning a mundane task for you into a fun activity for him?



All dogs have their favorite games. For many the preferred pastime centers on a ball. Others go crazy over chasing flying discs or other toys. Some dogs even enjoy playing hide-and-seek. Whatever your pet’s favored game is, make time for playing it today—for as long as your dog likes. 


If you find that your throwing arm gets tired, invest in a ball launcher of some sort. Pet supply stores offer a range of these devices, but an old lacrosse stick can work just as well. You may not be able to relate to the desire to keep running after the same object over and over, but if it makes your dog happy, it’s worth working those arm muscles a little longer.



A great way to treat your dog like a true member of the family is by including him in a family portrait. Perhaps you have been meaning to schedule a photography session for a while, or maybe you have a friend who is an avid shutterbug. Either way, a photograph of your entire family will likely become a treasured memento for years to come. Your dog may not understand what all the excitement is about, but he will surely enjoy all the love and hugs he receives while you are all posing.



Round out your celebration of National Dog Week by taking your pet along on a trip to the seashore. If your local beach doesn’t allow dogs during the day, check to see if canines are welcome in the late afternoon or evening hours. Most dogs revel in running and playing on the wet sand. Many even enjoy taking a dip among the waves. What your dog will enjoy the most, however, is spending time with you, his favorite person. 


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