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How to Prevent Dog Dental Issues

Dog Showing Teeth

Plaque forms naturally after eating and can easily be removed by brushing. When not removed regularly, however, it can harden into tartar, which requires professional dental care. Periodontal disease occurs when plaque and tartar spread underneath the gum line. Bacteria from periodontal disease can then travel through the circulatory system and cause liver, kidney, and heart damage. 


Here are some other dental considerations:

Certain foods will cause your dog to accumulate plaque and tartar more quickly. Canned food, for example, is notorious for building up on teeth and gums especially quickly. Feeding your pet crunchy kibble and natural snacks like raw carrots is much better for his teeth than feeding him wet food exclusively. But it is important to know that even dry food can lead to dental problems without regular dental care.

Senior dogs 
The older your dog is, the more he needs you to help him care for his teeth. Without proper care, many older dogs experience tooth loss, which can lead to problems with chewing and appetite, as well as behavioral changes. 

Toy breeds and brachycephalic dogs
Toy dogs and brachycephalic dogs (those with “pushed-in” faces, like Boston Terriers and Pugs) have special dental challenges. Their teeth are often crowded or missing, and small dogs especially tend not to be chewers, an activity necessary for strong, healthy teeth. Luckily, even small dogs can enjoy good dental health if they are provided the right care and incentives.


Nylabone helps establish a positive dental health routine for your dog, with edible dental chews, a full range of oral care supplies, and chew toys that leave your dog with cleaner teeth. Whether you’re hunkering down to brush your dog’s teeth, setting him up for a chewing session, or giving him a mouth-friendly snack, Nylabone chew toys and edible chews help keep your dog’s smile healthy and his breath fresh.
Always be sure to match dental products to your dog’s size and chewing strength, and keep an eye on him when he’s chewing to make sure that large pieces of chew toys aren’t being chewed off and swallowed. Take worn or chewed-through chew toys away from your dog promptly and replace them with new ones. Human toothpaste and mouthwash are hazardous to dogs, so always use canine-specific dental supplies.

Dog Dental Solutions from Nylabone:

Advanced Oral Care Dental Chew Nutri Dent

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