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How to Groom Your Dog

Dogs - GroomingGrooming is a major part of keeping your dog looking and feeling healthy. A matted coat can harbor all different kinds of skin conditions and will many times keep a problem from being noticed until it is too late. Also, a dull or balding coat can be indicative of specific medical conditions, and regular coat inspections via grooming will allow you to notice when there is a change in your dog's coat. Making sure every part of his body is kempt is also very important.

Hair Types

The five general categories of dog hair types are the following: Smooth Coat, Medium Coat, Long Coat, Wire Hair/Broken Coat, and Wavy Coat. Learn more about each type of coat and how to take care of it.


Bathing is a huge part of keeping your dog clean and healthy. Find out how often dogs should be given a bath, what materials you'll need for the bath, and other general bathing information.

While making sure your dog gets a good brushing and bath on a regular basis is essential, there are also other necessary components to keeping your dog groomed, and not all of them are connected to how he looks or smells. In some ways, grooming is directly related to health. All dog owners want their dog to have a clean, shiny coat, and they want him to smell fresh, but they also want him to be free from disease and other medical problems. Making sure that every part of your dog's body is clean and kempt can be one of the best ways to maintain his good health.

Other Important grooming practices include:

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