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Dog Health & Nutrition

Dog on TableDogs have certain health and nutritional needs. Some of these needs require the assistance of a veterinarian, but some can be taken care of by any dog owner armed with some information.

Finding a Veterinarian

Find a veterinarian that both you and your dog are comfortable with.


What shots are necessary? Should your dog receive any vaccinations that aren't required?

First Aid

Learn more about how to help your pet when he is injured, including what medical supplies to keep on hand, how to treat minor cuts and scrapes, what to do if he encounters a skunk, and how to respond when your pup is hit by a car.

Common Health Issues

Some health concerns are quite common in all different dog breeds, such as fleas, ticks, obesity, allergies, ear infections, and cancer. This section addresses those topics and also gives information on issues that are specific to senior dogs, like arthritis, canine cognitive dysfunction, blindness, and deafness.

Reading Food Labels

Understanding dog food labels shouldn't be as hard as it sometimes seems. There are specific things to look for and easy ways you can make sure your dog is getting the nutrition that he needs.

Types of Dog Food

Once you learn a little more about the five main types of dog food (dry, canned, semi-moist, home cooked, and raw), it shouldn't be too hard to decide which one works best for your dog.

Dog Treats & Bones

Giving your dog a bone or a treat can be fun for both you and him! Learn what bones and treats are safest and healthiest for your pup.

Dog Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

Your dog is a beloved member of the family, so knowing how to take care of him in a crisis is extremely important. With some basic tools under your belt, you and your furry friend can weather the most intimidating medical emergency or natural disaster together.

Dog Weight Issues

Have you noticed that your dog is looking…well…a little rotund lately? A bit more curvaceous than usual? You’re not alone! Approximately 17 million dogs in the United States are classified as overweight.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog

It’s the new year, and chances are you rang in 2013 with a personal resolution that you’re determined to keep.

Preventive Pet Dental Care

Pets’ oral health care can be easily neglected, but it’s vital for their overall health. February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and it’s time to take charge of your pet’s oral hygiene. Learn how to take preventative Pet Dental Care


Pet Poison Prevention

Dogs get into everything! They chew on plants that can be poisonous. They don’t realize that certain chemicals may be dangerous. And they happily devour common but potentially lethal human foods without a second thought.

Tips From The Vet: Wintertime Tips For Your Dog

Now that winter is finally upon us, it's time to prepare our four-legged friend for chilly temperatures. Learn how to keep your dog safe no matter what kind of weather Jack Frost brings.

Tips From The Vet: How to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Healthy and Clean

Choosing the right dental supplies plays a major role in keeping your dog's teeth as healthy as possible. 


Tips From The Vet: Flea Facts and Tick Tidbits

10 flea facts and 10 tick tidbits that are helpful to know regarding your pooch.


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