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Be kind to your pet


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” —Aesop

We love our dogs, but in our hectic day-to-day lives we sometimes forget how much they rely on us for care and attention. To our devoted pets, even the smallest gesture of kindness from you can make a huge difference in their day. Give any of the following suggestions a try—even if you only have a few minutes, it’s bound to brighten up your dog’s (and your) day!

Your dog may be selective about hearing the word “No,” but it’s probably fair to say he can hear the lid come off the treat jar from a mile away. There aren’t many dogs out there who would refuse a treat, but the type of treats you decide to feed him can make all the difference in the world. Giving him quality treats with natural ingredients (like Nylabone’s Nutri Dent® edible dental chews and Healthy Edibles® chew treats) will make sure your pup stays healthy and helps you avoid unwanted and potentially harmful fillers. Give your dog treats when he’s acting particularly good (like sitting quietly)—it will help reinforce that behavior. Just make sure the treats are part of an overall balanced diet, and you aren’t overfeeding him and causing weight gain.

Collars and ID tags might not be the first things you think of when you think of kindness, but you are doing your dog a disservice if you don’t use them. The simple act of buying your dog a collar and attaching a personalized ID tag will help keep him safe, and increases the odds of finding him if he’s ever lost. There are even collars available that have your contact information stitched right onto them. Making sure he’s microchipped is also important. There are many stories of pet owners being reunited with their dogs (some found thousands of miles away) thanks to a microchip.

You may think of grooming as a chore, but if you approach it as special one-on-one time with your pooch, the simple act of brushing or combing him out can make him look and feel like a million bucks. Grooming also gives you a chance to look over his coat and skin to check for any health problems. If you’ve introduced him properly to all of the necessary grooming tools, he’s bound to relax and find the grooming rewarding. Magic Coat® has a line of grooming tools and shampoos that are specifically matched to your dog’s coat type, making it easy to find just the right fit for you and your pooch’s “beauty day.”

Playing around with your pup is one of the best things about pet parenting. Most dogs find play mentally and physically stimulating—which means at the end of a fun session you’ll have a pooch ready for nap! There are plenty of games you do together, from the tried-and-true retrieve to “hide-n-seek” in the house. Also, don’t forget to provide your dog with toys. Toys are a great way to entice your dog to play with you, and they are also handy for when you’re away and your dog needs a little interaction. Find out your dog’s play style and purchase the right toy to meet it—if he’s a tugger, find a colorful tug toy; if he’s a shaker, a stuffed toy that mimics prey is perfect. He might be ball crazy or partial to chew toys—just make sure whatever toy you give him is safe. Nylabone has a full line of toys, tugs, and chews to make playtime fun, safe, and perfect for both play dates and alone time alike, whatever your dog’s favorite toy type might be.

We’re taking much better care of our dogs than we did in the past, but it’s still important to practice preventative care to keep your dog in the best of health. Keeping up with those yearly vet visits and a proper vaccination schedule is a good start. And don’t forget flea and tick prevention to stop pesky parasite infestations.

And what are two of the biggest things you can do for your dog’s health? First, get him spayed or neutered. The health benefits of spaying or neutering are numerous, including avoiding certain cancers and other medical problems. And perhaps the ultimate act of kindness is that you won’t be adding to the overpopulation of unwanted pets that already exists in the United States.

Second, make sure you are keeping your dog at a healthy weight by feeding him properly and giving him adequate exercise. Make sure your dog’s food is high-quality, with real meat as the first ingredient. Then make sure you are getting active with your dog through daily walks, runs in the dog park, or just playing fetch in the back yard.

You are the center of your dog’s world, and to him the greatest kindness is just spending time together. When you show your dog love, you get it right back from him in spades. Just take look at the way he greets you, or dances around at the sight of his leash, or makes that funny noise when he knows a treat is on its way! The unconditional love our dogs show us is reason enough, all on its own, to treat them with kindness and love in return.


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