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Book Club – Raising Puppies & Kids Together

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Raising Puppies & Kids Together: A Guide for Parents by Pia Silvani, CPDT-KA and Lynn Eckhardt

Puppies and kids can be a magical combination. Many times, however, this relationship can become troublesome and even downright dangerous if proper behavior is not taught from the start.

In Raising Puppies & Kids Together, two top trainers explain how to socialize and introduce your puppy to the family, and show you the best training methods for a polite and well-mannered dog. At the same time, you’ll discover important rules to teach your child, as well as learn how your keep your child’s behavior from being misinterpreted by the dog.

Whether you have an infant, toddler, or school-age child and are thinking about getting a puppy, or you have a beloved family pet and are planning to start a family, Raising Puppies & Kids Together is an essential guide for anyone who wants a safe, sane, and happy household.

About the Author

Pia Silvani, CPDT-KA is Director of Training and Behavior at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ. She has written training manuals and behavior articles and lectures at dog training seminars all over the world.
Lynn Eckhardt, the mother of two young children, has been training dogs for over 17 years.

Excerpt From the Book:

“Interacting and playing with dogs can certainly enhance children’s self-esteem, teach them responsibility, help them learn about empathy, and enjoy the bond that people have with their canine friends. Yet you should never assume that your children know how you want them to behave around or interact with your puppy (and vice versa). That assumption will set up both puppy and child to fail. Your puppy has no understanding how children are supposed to be treated, especially during play sessions when everyone is aroused; nor do your children have an understanding how to treat a puppy, unless you teach them how to properly interact with one another. Puppies can be opportunistic—ruled by their instincts, not “right and wrong.” And even when the puppy and child have an understanding of the rules that you have established, it doesn’t mean they will necessarily obey them all of the time.

Perhaps one day your puppy and child are over exuberant because they have been forced to stay indoors on account of the weather. Both lack sufficient exercise and have had no outlet to get rid of their pent-up energy. As a result, no one is following the rules of play that you have tried to establish. Your child loses all self-control and has an outburst. The puppy losses self-control and begins biting and jumping up at the child as the child’s vocalization increases. No one is having fun, especially you! This does not make for good playmates or help you maintain your sanity.

The key factor is to look at every child as an individual and work with their abilities or interest. To make a generalization that children understand what they can and cannot do with puppies is just setting you up for disappointment and failure.”

Excerpt from Raising Puppies & Kids Together ©TFH Publications, Inc.

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