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Tip of the Month: Training & Troubleshooting

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Black Lab
  • Every dog is an individual. They learn at different paces and have different motivators, fears and talents. If your dog has trouble learning a new behavior, remember to work in a quiet environment, be patient, and don’t be afraid to get creative or try a new approach.~ Cynthia Edgerly of Bingo! Dog Training, Watsonville, CA

  • Too busy to train your dog? Do it while watching television! Many people watch at least 30 minutes of television every day, so it’s a wonderful opportunity for training. During one advertisement, work on sit. During the next commercial, work on down. During the ad after that, work on come or some other behavior. Several short, two-minute training sessions every evening will accomplish a lot more than one long 20- or 30-minute session. This will be good for your dog’s short attention span (and perhaps your short patience span).~Jerry D. Patilo, CPDT-KA, Happy Human Happy Dog, Richardson, TX

  • A common mistake in training is teaching our dogs a behavior in one location and then expecting them to do it everywhere. Dogs need help with baby steps to learn behaviors well. Break a behavior down by teaching stay in different rooms in your house, then when someone walks through the room, then when a toy is dropped on the floor, then when you leave the room, then outside. Try to remember the first time you learned how to play a sport. First you learned the rules, then you practiced the moves, and then you played on a new field.~Heather Mohan -Gibbons , MS, RVT, CPDT-KA, ACAAB, Collected Wisdom Animal Behavior, LLC, Milwaukee, WI

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Excerpted from Top Tips from Top Trainers – 1001 Practical Tips and Techniques for Successful Dog Care and Training © 2010 T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Used by Permission.

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