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Tip of the Month: Exercise

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Dog Exercising
  • Your dog needs daily aerobic exercise. A tired dog is a good dog; in other words, a sleeping dog can’t be biting, jumping up, digging under the fence, or chewing walls. Leash walks around the neighborhood are usually not enough physical exercise; dogs need to run, explore, play with other dogs, or swim–basically, engage in any daily aerobic activity.
    ~Ann Allums , CPDT-KA, Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab, UT

  • Having a large yard is not equal to having a well-exercised dog. You may see your dog dashing madly around your yard, but he is not exercising. He is doing the doggy equivalent of pacing, fidgeting, or other human forms of nervous activity. Provide your dog with fun things to occupy his time, such as a digging pit or special chew toys. Also, because dogs are social animals who need friends and companionship, a visit to the dog park daily or weekly will help him make doggy friends, as well as get in some exercise. Dogs romping around and playing together tire rapidly and will sleep happily while recovering from a hearty play session.
    ~Crystal Coll , All Ways Pawsitive Pet Behavior and Training, Queen Creek, AZ

  • Most dogs are underexercised. As a trainer, I can tell you that you don’t stand a chance against a dog who isn’t exercised. So get out there and run around, play fetch, go hiking, and just generally have fun. Then train.
    ~Bonnie Krupa , CPDT-KA, Happy, Clean and Smart, Muncie, IN

  • The best advice for a dog who is misbehaving is to increase his exercise. The more exercise a dog receives, the less likely he is to dig in the trash and chew on valuable possessions.
    ~Dayna Villa , IACP, Taking the Lead Dog Training, PA

  • Exercise is not only good for you, it’s good for your dog–especially if you crate him during the day. The benefits of exercise include keeping your dog at an ideal weight, fewer behavior problems, spending quality time together, and living with a happy canine companion. So get active with him–take a walk, play fetch, play tug with a rope toy, or go to a dog park to play with other dogs. If you have access to a pond, you can even go for a swim. Or try working on commands like “doggy pushups” (sit, down, sit…). Be creative–your dog will be glad for it!
    ~Darlene Koza, Scooter’s School of Sit & Stay, Rochester, NY TOP

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Excerpted from Top Tips from Top Trainers – 1001 Practical Tips and Techniques for Successful Dog Care and Training © 2010 T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Used by Permission.

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2 Responses to Tip of the Month: Exercise

  1. Wren Ingram January 25, 2011 @ 5:05 pm

    Couldn’t agree more! I tell everyone with a dog that a good dog is a happy, TIRED dog. Plus, the more you exercise with them, the better off you’ll be!

  2. Mary Hone February 23, 2011 @ 3:26 pm

    Both of my dogs LOVE to go for walks. Even my small pomeranian/chihuahua mix will hike for miles. We just recently got a miniature australian shepherd puppy. She would be neurotic if she didn’t get to walk everyday. She will literally run circles as we are walking. We were just in the desert and she ran circles in the sand. Loved it! We play fetch and tug with her too. Thats good exercise.

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