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It’s Pet Dental Health Month!

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It’s Pet Pet Dental Health Month!

Did you know that chew toys and treats can satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew while making their jaws stronger? Gnawing on a chew toy massages your dog’s gums and helps keep his teeth clean by scraping away soft tartar. Chew toys can also reduce dogs’ overall stress levels, prevent boredom, and provide an appropriate outlet for their natural need to chew—at the same time saving your favorite pair of shoes! Click the coupon thumbnail at the bottom of this page for $2 off your next purchase of Nutri Dent® edible Dental Chews, and try our user-friendly Product Finder below to find the right Nylabone® chew, toy, or treat for your dog!

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Dental Health Quick Facts

  • 80% of dogs show signs of oral disease by age 3 (Source: American Veterinary Dental Society)
  • Canine teeth develop plaque and tartar the same way human teeth do. When plaque isn’t brushed away, it hardens and develops into tartar along the gum line, triggering inflammation and compromising gum health.

Here are 3 steps to keep your dog’s teeth healthy:

1.      Examine your dog’s teeth and look for signs of tooth decay and oral disease. Common indications of oral disease are bad breath, a change in eating habits or chewing habits, pawing at the face or depression.

2.      Visit your veterinarian for a dental exam. Discuss the best way to keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean and healthy, and then make sure you schedule your next dental checkup.

3.      Treat your dog to specifically formulated pet “dental” or “chew” products with proven benefits in plaque and tartar removal, such as Nutri Dent®, Dura Chew®, or Flexi Chew®.

As a special treat, download this money-saving coupon for Nutri Dent® edible dental chews:

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2 Responses to It’s Pet Dental Health Month!

  1. Robin April 21, 2011 @ 8:56 pm

    I’d love to have my dogs teeth cleaned but the cost is more than mine…I pay $145.00 and one dog costs $225.00….great job vets!!!!

  2. national edible chews April 28, 2011 @ 12:36 am

    I am looking for national edible chews—roast beef flavor bones——there are 10 medium bones in the package. Walmart has stopped carrying them and I can’t find them anywhere.

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