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How to Choose the Best Nylabone® Product for Your dog!

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Do you walk down the aisles at your pet store and get a little overwhelmed by the huge number and different kinds of products to choose from? Do you want to surprise your favorite furry friend with a new bone or toy but just can’t figure out which one to get?


Nylabone® can help you figure out which products are best for your pet depending on his size and chew strength. After all, not only do we want your dog to enjoy his new bone, but we also want the item you buy to be properly matched to your dog’s size and chewing strength, for the health and happiness of your pooch (and so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth)!
Choosing the right product for your dog is a 3-step process (see chart below):

  1. What is your dog’s size/weight? (Find Nylabone Products by Pet Size)
  2. Chew size – how big or small is your dog’s mouth?
  3.  3. Chewing strength/style – how aggressively does your dog chew on bones? (Choose one of our FlexiChew® products for a Moderate Chewer, or one of our DuraChew® products for a more Powerful Chewer.)


Chew Chart
Note: Nylabone also includes a dog-weight recommendation on the bottom right of every chew product package.

Have more than one dog in your home?

It is important to choose the right-sized chew if you have multiple dogs of various sizes and ages living in your home. Make sure you only select chews appropriate for the largest, strongest chewer in the house. It can be dangerous if your large dog gets a hold of chews meant for a small dog. On the other hand, it is not dangerous if your small dog takes chews meant for a larger dog. Always remember to supervise the use of all dog chews and toys!


What’s the Difference Between Nylabone® Non-Edible and Edible Chew Products?

NON-EDIBLE CHEW PRODUCTS are made with plastic, rubber, or nylon. They are not intended for consumption. During normal chewing, tiny bristle-like projections are raised which help clean teeth. If these tiny pieces (no larger than a small grain of rice) are ingested, they should pass through. A dog should not be able to break off larger pieces of any Nylabone® Non-Edible Chew. If you think your dog swallowed a large piece of a Non-Edible Chew, take the chew away and contact your veterinarian for advice. No dog toy or chew is totally indestructible. Frequently inspect any chew before giving it to your dog to make sure it’s whole and intact, with no missing pieces. Replace a Non-Edible Chew when knuckle ends are worn down, or if it becomes too small to chew safely. Nylabone® Chews and Toys should not be boiled, placed in a dishwasher, washing machine, convection oven, or microwave oven.

NON-EDIBLE PUPPY CHEW PRODUCTS are specially designed for young, teething puppies. They should not be given to a dog with ANY permanent teeth, regardless of age.


EDIBLE CHEW PRODUCTS are treats: Their lifespan is determined by each individual dog’s chewing style & strength. These all-natural chews are edible and highly digestible. Their natural coloration may stain light-colored surfaces. They are best enjoyed by a dog with all of its permanent teeth (usually around 6 months). Exceptions: Healthy Edibles® and Nutri Dent® for Puppies 3 months and older.

EDIBLE PUPPY CHEW PRODUCTS are designed for puppies 3 months of age and older. Please consult your veterinarian for the right time to start your puppy on edible chews.


RAWHIDE is a natural product. It is important that the chew is large and thick enough that a dog cannot easily chew off and swallow a large piece or the whole chew. We recommend discarding rawhide when it has been enjoyed down to a small portion or if it requires more than 5 days to consume. Its natural coloration may stain light-colored surfaces.


If you have any questions feel free to read our frequently asked questions or contact customer service. Nylabone® Products P.O. Box 427 Neptune, NJ 07754-0427

Click below to find a Nylabone product that’s perfect for your dog!

Large Dog Products - Over 50 lbs Large Dog Products - Up to 50 lbs Medium Dog Products - Up to 35 lbs Small Dog Products  - Up to 25 lbs Petite Dog Products  - Up to 15 lbs Puppy Products

One Response to How to Choose the Best Nylabone® Product for Your dog!

  1. Elizabeth January 16, 2012 @ 4:02 pm

    Thank you for this quick and helpful guide. Your products are definitely as durable as you claim. I’ve got a strong chewer, and I rely on Nulabone products to keep her happy, and away from our slippers!

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