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Show Your Dog Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Even though dogs probably can’t tell Valentine’s Day apart from any other day, we like to include them in the festivities. After all, what dog doesn’t love the extra attention and gifts? Here are some suggestions for showing your dog some love this Valentine’s Day.

Make Some Homemade Treats

Even though dogs can’t have chocolate, they can have carob chips, which are a safe alternative. Carob chips look exactly like chocolate, but have a nuttier taste. Jesse the Jack Russell shows you how to make festive Valentine’s Day treats for your dog in his newest video!

Do Something Fun

Does your dog love running around the dog park? Or does your pooch just love to snuggle up in bed with you? Take an hour out of your day and let your dog do what he or she loves to do. If your dog has a doggy friend and they love playing together, arrange a “play date” for the two of them. Get creative, and do something special and fun!

Take Them Shopping

Is your dog still chewing on the same toy he or she had last February? Is your furry friend’s sweater meant for a dog half their size? You don’t have to spoil your dog rotten or spend a lot of money. Even if you buy a small gift, your pup will feel like a million bucks! Here are a few Valentine’s Day gift suggestions for your smoochable pooch.


And here are some adorable photos of puppies kissing, just for cuteness’ sake!

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