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Products for Making Good Doggy Dental Hygiene Easier

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Advanced Oral CareTM from Nylabone is here just in time for Pet Dental Month! Here are some tips we’ve provided in the past on How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth and Dog Dental Health 101. And to help maintain good dental health in between brushings, here are some great products to help freshen breath and reduce plaque and tartar.

Advanced Oral Care™ Dental Hearts

A delicious, natural dental snack designed to freshen your dog’s breath and reduce plaque. Try replacing your pup’s regular treats with these for several weeks, and we bet you will smell the difference!

Advanced Oral Care™ Dental Bits

Simply shake these Dental BitsTM onto your dog’s food. He won’t even notice the difference, but you will once his stinky breath goes away! And remember, dry food can also help to keep your dog’s teeth healthy, since chewing crunchy dry food helps to reduce tartar buildup.

Advanced Oral Care™ Dental Wipes

If your dog isn’t fond of the toothbrush, dental wipes may be easier (for the both of you). Simply open your dog’s mouth and rub his teeth with this cloth. It cleans, freshens breath, and reduces plaque and tartar – without the foamy mess!

Advanced Oral Care™ Treat Holder with Treats

This fun, bouncy, refillable treat toy holds our edible Dental BarsTM chew treats, designed to clean teeth and freshen breath, with vitamins and minerals to help your dog stay healthy and happy. And the premium rubber treat toy with built-in Nylabone strength is designed to help clean teeth and remove tartar while your pooch plays!

Nutri Dent® Edible Dental Chews

These natural, completely edible treats come in a variety of sizes and flavors to ensure your dog will enjoy them as much as their regular treats. But these treats have an added bonus: their patented 360-degree design helps clean teeth, control plaque and tartar, and freshen breath. But your dog doesn’t have to know that! Nutri Dent® dental chew treats are natural and nutritious, with added vitamins & minerals, but no added salt, sugar, or artificial preservatives.

Some Things to Remember

  • Never give your dog sweet treats. It’s not good for their teeth OR their stomach.
  • Tennis balls attract sand particles that can damage your dog’s tooth enamel. A rubber ball or other fetch toy specially designed for dogs is much better for your little champ’s chompers.
  • We recommend a professional teeth cleaning for your dog once a year. Your vet can spot problems that you may not be able to.
  •  Nylabone Chew toys can help keep your dog’s teeth clean and remove tartar while keeping him happy and occupied and discouraging destructive chewing.


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