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Nylabone Unveils New Mobile-Friendly Website!

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Don’t you hate when you can’t view a website on your cell phone because either the text is too small or the menu is too hard to maneuver? Enter Nylabone’s new mobile-friendly website!

The new website features one large, easy-click menu with great features to help you when you’re on the run—no more zooming in and out to find your way around. Next time you’re at the store shopping for your furry friend, try these great features:

Product Finder
Every year, more and more toys are added to the aisles at your local pet-goods store. How many times have you bought a toy on a whim and brought it home, only to find that your dog destroyed it ten minutes later?

With our new product finder, you can search Nylabone products by dog size, product type, and brand. If you have a petite yet powerful chewer, for example, the product finder will provide you with some great recommendations with just a few taps of your finger. Buying the right toy size and strength will save you money and time, as well as help ensure a safe, healthy chewing experience for your pooch.

Dog Problems and Solutions
In need of some on-the-go guidance? If you travel with your dog, you may find yourself in some abnormal situations. Dogs tend to act differently when they aren’t in their usual environment. A change in scenery could result in destructive behavior, anxiety, and stress. Find further information and solutions for common dog problems on Nylabone’s new website.

Dog Park/Pet Store Locator
Most dogs need frequent entertainment, whether it’s playing with other dogs at the local park or chewing on their bone for hours on end. If you’re in an unfamiliar place and your dog needs to burn up some energy, use the Nylabone mobile website to find either a dog park or pet store nearest to you.

While you’re on the mobile site, don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes to win $200 worth of Nylabone products. And keep an eye out for special offers to use when you’re out shopping!  If you’re on your computer and want to test the site out, scan the QR code below:

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