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The Sydney Report: Play Rope Double Loop Tug

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Nylabone Rope Toy

Sydney may only weigh 15 pounds, but she pulls on a tug toy like she’s a 200 pound brown bear. In the past she has destroyed every single rope toy we’ve gotten her. She loves to eat the rope strands that normal rope toys have. This tug toy is great because it doesn’t have those little threads at the end for her to pick at. And the handle is easy to hold – for both of us! Once we’re done playing though, the toy has to be put away or she will start to gnaw away at the rope. When she gets in that destructive mode, we just throw her a Nylabone – she could chew all day on that and not make a dent.

In this video I tried to get Sydney to play tug of war with her cousins, but I have a feeling if they were to grab hold they wouldn’t last long!

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