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How to Throw a Birthday Party for Your Dog

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A dog birthday party is a great excuse to get your friends and family—and the dogs, of course—together for some fun! Here are some ideas for putting together a small birthday celebration for your furry friend.


You don’t have to spend money on printing and postage; send out an invitation online through e-mail or Facebook instead. Get a cute photo of Fido and just add the details: who, what, when, where. If you’re really digitally inclined, Photoshop a birthday hat onto your dog for a festive invite!


Spring, summer, and fall birthday parties are great because you can invite friends over for a backyard BBQ or to a local dog park, where the dogs can run around. When it’s too cold to hang out outside, consider having your dog’s birthday party at an indoor venue that’s tailored to his needs. Many indoor dog parks and “camps” allow all the dogs to run around and play together. You can even schedule some time at a beginners’ agility course for a small group of dogs—this is fun for both the pooches and their handlers.

Activities and Games

• Hide some toys and bones around the party and allow the dogs to take them home when they find them.
• Leave a couple of ropes with multiple ends around in case the dogs want to play tug-of-war.

Treats & Goodie Bags

It’s not a birthday party without some cake! You can either custom-order a dog-friendly cake or make your own with  these recipes. When the party starts to die down (i.e., the dogs fall asleep because they’ve had so much fun), send each owner home with a goodie bag full of edible bones & treats.

Keep in Mind

• Never take your eyes off the dogs!
• Always have plenty of cool water available.
• Make sure that all the dogs invited have had their shots.
• Keep any people food out of reach.
• Birthday hats are cute, but they can make dogs uncomfortable. If you want the birthday pup to feel special, tie a colorful ribbon around his collar. (Secure the ribbon so that it doesn’t catch on anything.)

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