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Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots for Summer

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We asked our Facebook Fans which cities/states are the most dog-friendly for vacation this summer. Here are some of our favorite responses. If this is your first time traveling with your dog, check out this article for travel tips and advice.



Ang T: We took our pug Thor along to Wilmington, NC last fall; he LOVED playing in the ocean!


Merissa & Joe E: Michigan is nice, especially the UP. If you have dogs that love to swim, Michigan is great. There are also hiking trails available as well.


Britt A: Tucson, AZ is so dog friendly! Tons of dog parks and restaurants that let you bring your dogs and sit outside with them. I’m very lucky that I can bring my dog pretty much anywhere here.


Susann B: Seattle, Washington = went to a festival up there and a lot of people had all different kinds of dogs walking around. Everyone was respectful of the animals, and the dogs and owners were great about stopping to talk with people about them as well as letting people pet them. It was great to see how loved these animals were!


Aisha M: Philadelphia, PA!!! Pit Bull-friendly city with plenty of dog-friendly places to eat…with a dog menu! Also OBX 🙂 dog-friendly beaches with off-leash allowance any time of day!


Barbara B: We go to Venice, Florida with our dogs and take them to the Brohard dog beach. They won’t go in the water, but they love to run with the other dogs. There are a lot of restaurants where we can sit out on the patio to eat, and the servers always bring a bowl of water for the dogs when they bring our waters.


Pamela F: Colorado, as a whole, is actually VERY dog friendly. It’s true that Denver has the Pit Bull ban, but even there, there are lots of dog parks and some restaurants where you can sit outside with your dog. The western half of the state is a doggy paradise, tons of trails, lots of open space, places for them to take a dip and cool off, and lots of stores in the smaller towns (not just pet stores) will let you bring your well-behaved, leashed dogs inside.


Pam P: We have been on two trips with our little Toy Poodle, Topaz, so far this year. We went to Baton Rouge, LA and the motel not only accommodated dogs, she was FREE!!! Second place we went was Springfield, MO and the hotel only charges $10 per night, but we stayed at an extended-stay hotel with a full kitchen. Had a wonderful time at both locations. Vacations are too short.


Sheila P: San Diego is the most dog-friendly, from the restaurants to hotels to dog beaches. We’ve driven across the country with our Border Collies and there’s pockets of dog-friendly places everywhere—you just have to do your research first. 🙂



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