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Patriotic Dogs

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The Fourth of July can be a wonderful day for you and your dog. It’s a celebration of the birth of our country, but it’s also a day for family, friends, great food, fun outdoor activities, and fireworks. We all celebrate in different ways with various traditions, but the best part of the celebration is the fun that comes with hanging out with your favorite furry family member. Check out our favorite photos from our nation’s 236th birthday.

Four Dogs with FlagGroup photo! How many times do you think this had to be taken? (photo courtesy of Laura Morgillo) Dog on Lawn with FlagBailey is dreaming about a nice piece of barbecued chicken.
Dog with Crown“I’m way cuter than the real Statue of Liberty.” Dogs with Bandannas“I was wearing a flag bandana first…copycats.”
Dog with Bandanna“Is anyone else going to wear a flag bandana today? I don’t want to match.” Shaggy Dog with Bandanna“The 4th of July makes me wag my tail a lot.”
Golden Retriever on HammockMaddie does July 4th the Golden Retriever way.  

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