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What Your German Shepherd Dog Says About Your Personality

Did you know that your choice of canine can say a lot about you? Your Inner Dog provides a humorous, lighthearted look at how pet parents compare to their dogs. Best traits, career, leisure, fashion musts, food faves, significant others, and pet peeves are just some of the things your dog’s breed can reveal about you. German Shepherd owners, we want to know: Does this breed personality and character profile match your own?

Personality and Character

You are outgoing, direct, practical, and fearless, with a superior sense
of right and wrong. In fact, there are no “exceptions to the rule” or gray areas with you, which
sometimes puts you at risk of losing the good opinion of your friends. Extremely self-confident, you
can be somewhat aloof to people you don’t know. You choose your friendships very carefully, but
those who earn your trust have it for life. You also have an authoritarian streak, which is something
that can scare people away. Normally, you are a model of cool self-control. However, if someone
angers you, they will seriously regret it. At the same time, you are tremendously intuitive and able
to see goodness where others do not. Organized and efficient, you enjoy putting things in order; for
example, you are very conscientious about sorting your laundry (a lost art, if truth be told).

*Excerpt from Your Inner Dog: Discover What Your Favorite Breed Says About You by Diane Morgan

To discover more about what a dog’s personality profile says about you or your friends, find Your Inner Dog on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and Google Books.

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