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Silly Sleep Poses for Dogs

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At some point in time, you’ve probably found your fluffy companion sleeping in a position that made you tilt your head in confusion or think, “That just can’t be comfortable!” Nevertheless, your pooch continues to fascinate you with his or her silly sleep poses. Whether a contortionist or possessed of human-like sleep qualities, chances are, you love your pup all the more for it!

The Corkscrew

We call this one “The Corkscrew.” Note the back legs twisted in the opposite direction from the rest of the body.

Two Places At Once

This intelligent pup has finally figured out a way to be in two places at once.

Lounging Pose

Here’s a lounging pose matched with a rather goofy facial expression.


Ah, another corkscrew—the position looks so uncomfortable, but the face says, “I’m on cloud 9.”

Tiny, Fluffy Human

Look, it’s a tiny, fluffy human!

Pillow Fort Dog

Who doesn’t enjoy a good nap in a pillow fort?

Ready for a Bedtime Story

Someone’s ready to get tucked in and listen to a bedtime story!

Pillow Dog

When in doubt, use your friend as a pillow.

Count Dog-ula

Count Dog-ula will rise from his sleep after dark.

Yin and Yang

Here’s a classic example of yin and yang—two different colors and in opposite positions.

Dog Sticking Tongue Out

At times of complete relaxation, you may even find your pup with his or her tongue sticking out.

Dreaming of Nylabone

This happy, squishy dog face is clearly dreaming of Nylabone.

Hanging Around

This little guy is giving all-new meaning to “hanging around.”

Monorail Dog

This Corgi saw The Matrix one too many times. Now he only dreams of running sideways on walls.

One Response to Silly Sleep Poses for Dogs

  1. Kathy July 17, 2012 @ 8:32 pm

    My Great Dane mix, Buddy, who is over 165lbs and over 7 yrs old, loves to sleep on his back with his legs straight up.

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