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Crazy Cute Cuts for Canines

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It certainly takes a confident pooch to pull off a unique hairstyle, but these pups are owning it! From Mohawks to posh do’s and salon visits to do-it-yourself experiments, these dogs have received the makeover of a lifetime. They have no problem strutting their stuff and looking cute with their new ‘do’s because they know they have swag, and you can see it in their wag! Share stellar photos of your dog with us on Facebook or Twitter, and follow us on Tumblr for even more cute stuff!

Dog with Mohawk

Here we have a Mohawk paired with a little bit of attitude!

Dog with Mohawk

Looking edgy and fierce with a very streamlined Mohawk!

Mohawk Dog

Rocking out with a full-body Mohawk for some serious street style!

Lion Dog

This dog transformed into a lion, but with a little less roar, we hope.

Black and White Dog

Black and white coat with a fluffy Mohawk make this pup chic enough for Fashion Week.

Dog with Mohawk

This girl is too cool for school, but we hope she’s not being too rebellious with her funky ‘do!

Dog with Cool Style

For some pups, cool style just comes naturally.

Classy Dog

Class and sass never looked so good! Polished looks are always in.

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