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What Your Pug Says About Your Personality

Did you know that your choice of canine can say a lot about you? Your Inner Dog provides a humorous, lighthearted look at how pet parents compare to their dogs. Best traits, career, leisure, fashion musts, food faves, significant others, and pet peeves are just some of the things your dog’s breed can reveal about you. Pug owners, we want to know: Does this breed personality and character profile match your own?

Personality and Character

While Pug people enjoy life, some of you spend too much time as
an observer, at least in some respects. Get out more to mix with people! Perhaps you still harbor
a subconscious fear of others’ reactions to you. On the whole, you are even-tempered. You stay
cool even when everyone else is going wild with panic, and even when something goes wrong,
you are not discouraged. Most charming of all, you often say some delightful things that people
are just not expecting—and they love you for it. In fact, you love to surprise people in small ways.
You are impossible to pigeonhole, and that’s just the way you like it. You are an idealist, and you
tend to be more interested in a general concept than in the details of making it happen. While
you do have some good long-term ideas about finances, don’t neglect professional advice—to do
so might be very costly in the end. You are a great listener.

*Excerpt from Your Inner Dog: Discover What Your Favorite Breed Says About You by Diane Morgan

To discover more about what a dog’s personality profile says about you or your friends, find Your Inner Dog on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and Google Books.

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