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What Your Basset Hound Dog Says About You

Basset Hound

Did you know that your choice of canine can say a lot about you? Your Inner Dog provides a humorous, lighthearted look at how pet parents compare to their dogs. Best traits, career, leisure, fashion musts, food faves, significant others, and pet peeves are just some of the things your dog’s breed can reveal about you. Basset Hound owners, we want to know: Does this breed personality and character profile match your own?

Personality and Character

You are a truly original character who prefers to experiment rather than follow tradition. People consider you enigmatic, perhaps even obscure. You care about fair play, integrity, and harmony, although sometimes you fight with others for a position on center stage. You love to laugh but not at others; in fact, you are in tune with the sufferings of others and are perceptive of their feelings. You are interested in helping them, and you benefit from contact with lots of people. You have a rich and exciting dream life, but too much activity in real life can get on your nerves. You work with great dedication toward your goals, but sometimes you let criticism get the best of you. Don’t give in to doubt, and don’t be afraid to seek guidance when you really need it.

*Excerpt from Your Inner Dog: Discover What Your Favorite Breed Says About You by Diane Morgan

To discover more about what a dog’s personality profile says about you or your friends, find Your Inner Dog on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and Google Books.
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