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Fall Safety Tips for Dogs

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Fall Safety Tips for Dogs

Fall has finally arrived, and we bet you can’t wait to get out and enjoy the crisp air and crunchy leaves with your fluffy companion! There are plenty of fun activities to partake in with your pup, but before you do, it’s time for some quick fall safety tips for dogs. Heed these warnings to avoid doggy discomfort and a stressful season.

  1. Check for fleas and ticks! When outdoor playtime is over, inspect your dog thoroughly for fleas and ticks. Also, follow your vet’s advice regarding flea, tick, and heartworm preventives.
  2. Be aware of allergies! While this time of the year offers a comfortable climate for dogs, it also brings uncomfortable allergic reactions for some. Ragweed and mold spores lurk in leaf piles, so be sure to rake and dispose of leaves. If your dog can’t stop scratching, you may need to get an oral antihistamine or medicated shampoo from the vet.
  3. Hike with caution!Hiking is a wonderful opportunity for you and your dog to enjoy nature’s beauty and spend some quality time together. It is important, however, to take note of any harmful plants, like poison ivy, and potentially dangerous animals, like snakes. In addition, wash any cuts with warm water and apply antibiotic ointment. If the cut is deep, visit the vet.

Keep your pup safe and enjoy all of the wonderful things fall has to offer!

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