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Dogs Caught Acting Like Cats

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Have you ever caught your dog acting strangely cat-like? Maybe he wasn’t meowing or purring, but there was something unusual going on that forced you to take a second look. Perhaps your dog is a little cat-curious. Here are some adorably silly photos of dogs behaving fabulously feline. Share your cute photos with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Dog on Cat perch

Who says cat perches are just for cats?

Dog on Back of Chair

Keeping an eye on the backyard kitty style.

Dog with Blanket

“What? I’m not kneading this blanket! That’s ridiculous!”

Dog on Table

“How did I get up here? Well, it’s actually a funny story…”

Dog and Cat on Couch

Wait, which one is the dog?

Two Dogs on Couch

“Perhaps the cat was onto something – comfy and a good view.”

Dog Outside

Catching some rays kitty style.

Dog on Couch

“I beg your pardon. Who says I’m too big to sit here?”

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