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Hurricane Sandy Relief: Moving Forward for Pet’s Sake

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Hurricane Sandy has left many counties in the tri-state area in a state of devastation. Many people and communities have lost a great deal due to the super-storm, and pets have not had an easy time either. Shelters, which typically run at 100% capacity in good times, now need more help than ever.

Families and their pets have been separated due to evacuations, and pet rescue teams have been working around the clock to retrieve pets from abandoned homes and other devastating situations. Regardless of whether or not you live in the tri-state area, we’re sure you sympathize with and would like to support these pets, families, and rescuers, who have felt the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.

If you live in New Jersey and have been separated from your pet, please call this hotline: 1-855-407-4787. Similarly, if you have been separated from your pet and live in New York, you should call this hotline: 347-573-1561. In addition, there are Facebook pages and other sites (like this one: https://www.facebook.com/SandysPets) dedicated to reuniting pets with their families.

If you are an animal lover, who would like to help out in this tragic time of need, you can make a donation to The Humane Society of the United States, The North Shore Animal League of America, or ASPCA. Any help or donations would be greatly appreciated, and help to keep pets safe and happy in this time of distress.

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