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What Your Scottish Terrier Dog Says About You

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Scottish Terrier

Did you know that your choice of canine can say a lot about you? Your Inner Dog provides a humorous, lighthearted look at how pet parents compare to their dogs. Best traits, career, leisure, fashion musts, food faves, significant others, and pet peeves are just some of the things your dog’s breed can reveal about you. Scottish Terrier owners, we want to know: Does this breed personality and character profile match your own?

Personality and Character

You may be the most balanced of all dog owners. On the one hand, you are bold, vibrant, and a little jaunty. (You have your own special walk.) You are also very kind and idealistic. Determined, thoughtful, and logical, you have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Life to you is a serious business, and you need a purpose in all that you do. You have no time for distractions. You can, however, procrastinate, and there is a danger of your getting bogged down in petty little details. You are extremely stubborn but adaptable when convinced that a change is necessary. Indeed, you are excited by new ideas and projects. You are respected by all, although you can be domineering, and you may take offense when misunderstood. You are a true philosopher and are quite capable of enjoying your own company. You are absolutely honorable—but you never forget a slight, either. And you don’t like being pressured.

To discover more about what a dog’s personality profile says about you or your friends, find Your Inner Dog on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and Google Books.
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