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How to Take Great Pictures of your Dog

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Dog playing with Nylabone Toy

We are always asking our Facebook fans to take and post pictures of their pets, but we know this is not always an easy task. If your dog is anything like our friend Riley the Golden Retriever, he or she rarely will sit still long enough for you to get a good photo. Here are some tips to help you capture your dog’s finest moments.

Showcasing Your Dog’s Unique Personality Is Key

You know best what type of personality your dog has. Whether he is lazy or she is particularly hyperactive, Digital-Photography-School.com says these are things you want to try to capture on film. For example, if you notice your dog has a particularly cute way of lying on the floor, set up the photo shoot around that so you can capture his finest moments.


Get on Their Level

It can be difficult getting your dog to sit still for long enough to get close up and snap a picture. However, if you manage to succeed in capturing a “dog’s-eye view,” your picture may be significantly better than one taken from above from a human perspective.


Shoot on Special Occasions         

Dogster.com recommends capturing moments when your dog is out of his or her regular element. Change it up – try to get pictures of your dog when they aren’t just lying on your family room floor.  Backyard BBQs, parties, and play-dates are great times to snap pictures.


Lighting Is Important

In general, using a flash can be distracting or even frightening for your dog. The flash can also cause a red-eye problem, which does not look good in pictures. Try to take a photo using available (natural or artificial) lighting.


Work With a Blank Canvas

Pay attention to your surroundings – is the background going to be a distraction? Sometimes the best places to snap pictures are the simplest, like on the grass at the park or against a white wall.


Focus on Your Dog’s Unique Features

Does your pooch have beautiful eyes, funny-looking ears, or soft fluffy fur? Dpreview.com claims that close-ups of body parts often work better than traditional full-body portraits.


Give Them a Toy to Play With

Capture candid, playful photos of your dog with his or her toys. Blissful. Mischievous. Triumphant. These characteristics can show through your pictures and make them more fun to look at than a dog sitting nicely. At Nylabone, we have a full line of fun toys for dogs, including chew toys, Frisbees, tug toys, balls, treat toys, and more!


Try some of the tips above and share a photo of your pet on the Nylabone Facebook page today!


4 Responses to How to Take Great Pictures of your Dog

  1. Scrappy February 1, 2012 @ 6:38 pm

    Great Post:)

  2. Mo Devlin February 3, 2012 @ 2:13 pm

    Excellent pot. However I disagree with the remark about NOT using a flash. Done the correct way it can fill in annoying shadows and add character to an otherwise drab shot. All of the photos I take are done with a minimum of two and most often three flash units. I have found that a very small amount of the “models” have a problem with the flash itself. Some are sensitive to the recharge whine.

  3. Mo Devlin February 3, 2012 @ 2:13 pm

    That should read…excellent POST. LOL Wow…what a difference one letter will make.

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