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Golden Globe Winners Who Love Their Dogs

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The 74th annual Golden Globe Awards is fast approaching, which means stunning ball gowns, dazzling red carpet finesse, heartfelt acceptance speeches, and…dogs? That’s right—many celebrities associated with this prestigious Hollywood award ceremony have dogs waiting to greet them at home! So get ready to cast your vote—which of these celebs deserves the award for “Best Dog?”


Jimmy Fallon
Actor and comedian Jimmy Fallon is slated to host the star-studded event on January 8, 2017, but will his adorable pup Gary Frick make an impromptu appearance, too? The cuddly Golden Retriever made her debut on The Tonight Show as a well-dressed political pundit, solidifying her spot as an audience favorite. A surprise gift to Jimmy’s unsuspecting wife, this charming rescue dog was warmly welcomed by the Fallon family and NBC crew. We would love to see her own the Globes stage alongside her funny fur dad!

jimmy fallon



Jessica Chastain
Will Jessica Chastain snag another “Best Actress” win for her portrayal of a cunning lobbyist in the political thriller, Miss Sloane? Even if she doesn’t claim her second victory, her three-legged pal Chaplain, pictured here, will surly offer sloppy kisses and excited tail wags after the show. Named after the legendary Charlie Chaplain, the rescue pup (who lost his leg in a car accident before adoption) appeared in one of Jessica’s movies, living up to his namesake. Chastain’s other two dogs—a Corgi-and-spaniel mix named Radley and Chihuahua mix named Roman—round out this adorable A-list furmaly.




Matthew McConaughey
When he’s not dazzling the ladies with his southern charm, award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey enjoys spending quality time with his three pups. BJ, whose name stands for “beef jerky,” is pictured here. Whether he’s chatting with Oprah or jogging on the beach, Matthew’s dogs are by his side as his loyally energetic companions. They have just enough stamina to keep up with the avid adventurer, who recently garnered awards buzz for his role in the critically acclaimed crime flick, Gold.

matthew mcconaughey



Taraji P. Henson
Although Taraji P. Henson’s portrayal of Cookie Lyon on Empire is typically far from angelic, the 46-year-old beauty opens her heart and arms to animals, especially her darling pooch Uncle Willie. Taraji and her pup once posed together in a touching PETA ad, in which Henson expresses, “Dogs, to me, are like children…They are so pure in their love, and all they do is aim to please.” Willie remains her calm-and-collected sidekick during her travels.

taraji p. henson



Jon Hamm
Just last year, Mad Men heartthrob Jon Hamm ended his spectacular seven-season run with a “Best Actor in a Drama Series” victory. But what has made the biggest impact on his life? Adopting an adult rescue dog named Cora. He started out as a doting foster parent, but quickly developed a joyful companionship that he simply couldn’t let go of. More than a decade later, Cora still provides him with an invaluable sense of pride and comfort. He’s now an outspoken advocate with ShelterMe, a web series that inspires people to adopt a furry best friend and support their local animal shelters.

jon hamm



Jennifer Lawrence
J. Law’s cutest accessory is her petite dog, Pippi. The camera-ready canine is cherished by fans, bodyguards, paparazzi, and even Jen’s hunky Silver Linings Playbook and Joy costar, Bradley Cooper! Whether bustling through the busy streets of New York City or stealing the show at San Diego’s star-studded Comic-Con, Pippi is (almost) just as likable and down-to-earth as her award-winning fur mom. These two should probably have their own reality show!

jennifer lawrence



Leonardo DiCaprio
Unlike the cruel character he played in 2012’s highly-acclaimed film Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio’s laidback French Bulldog, named Django, only brings out the best in him. The avid animal lover and environmental activist can’t seem to find lasting romance in Hollywood, so Django remains the 42-year-old’s most loyal companion. Although rumors suggest that some think the black-and-white doggie is a bit smelly, Django seems to enjoy his luxurious lifestyle!

leo dicaprio



Amy Adams
Amy Adams describes her dogs as her “spirit animals,” so it comes as no surprise that the Arrival starlet provides a perfectly happy life for adorable Pippy and Sadie. Both are considered an integral part of the Adams’ family and follow the 42-year-old American Hustle sweetheart almost everywhere—even when she’s filming her blockbusters! These furry pals join forces to keep up with their mom’s busy schedule, and they couldn’t seem more delighted about it!

amy adams




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