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12 Dog Tattoos for Modern Pet Parents

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All dog people know that indescribable connection they have with their pups and how they can change our lives forever. They leave a paw print on our hearts, and sometimes a special dedication in the form of a beautiful tattoo. There are countless creative directions you can go—here are a few amazing examples for some inspiration:

Traditional Style

Striking yet simple, an American-traditional-style tattoo would be perfect for the American Bulldog in your life, or any bold pup with a little extra personality.

dog tattoo



Soft Illustration

If you prefer elegance, a soft and pretty style is an expressive way to capture a docile pup like the Greyhound.

dog tattoo



Modern Geometric

There are so many creative, out-of-the-box drawings that tattoo artists can create based on your dog—this geographic style is a contemporary way to pay tribute.

dog tattoo



Personified Portrait

There’s something about hound dogs and their floppy ears that makes us picture them with a bowtie and monocle—it also makes for a quirky, illustrative tattoo.

dog tattoo



Funny Cartoon

Capturing a Pug’s bugged eyes in a humorous cartoon seems like a no-brainer. This Pug-n-donuts rendition may be the cutest tattoo we’ve ever seen!

dog tattoo




For those who like to keep it simple, go with a simple outline paired with your dog’s name—or even the name by itself. Sometimes less is more.

dog tattoo



Famous Character

Your tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to resemble your dog, especially if you’ve had several special dogs in your life (lucky you!). A famous dog, like Frankenweenie, is a fun way to symbolize the love you have for your dog(s).

dog tattoo



Vibrant Watercolor

Splashy watercolors just have a way of illustrating a dog’s soul. A colorful masterpiece can capture your dog’s inner spirit in a big way.

dog tattoo



Sketched Drawing

If you like illustrative designs but still want to keep it simple, the sketch style could be the perfect choice. It’s a “ruff” style that can capture the character of your one-of-a-kind canine.

dog tattoo



Simple Paw Print

The paw print approach is a simple way to remember your dog, and it can fit virtually anywhere on your body. Filling it with a nice design adds a feminine touch to this everyday shape.

dog tattoo



Two in One

Framing those two adorable faces with some flowers is the perfect composition for fur moms or dads with more than one fur kid.

dog tattoo



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