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Nylabone New Year’s Resolution Giveaway Winners

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Below are the five randomly selected winners of our New Year’s Resolution Giveaway. All of the winners have been contacted by email. Thank you to everyone who participated and entered their pup!

1. Sharon Nicholson

Dog’s Name: Dawson
Dawson’s Resolution:

“To try not to bark at every little noise.”

Sharon Nicholson

2. Matt Warren

Dog’s Name: Wrigley
Wrigley’s Resolution:

“Spend more time hunting and learning to mind my manners.”

Matt Warren

3. Diane Boyd

Dog’s Name: Gibbs
Gibbs’ Resolution:

“Walk my master daily and be good in obedience class so I make my owner proud!”

Diane Boyd

4. Lorna Stachowicz

Dog’s Name: Budweiser
Budweiser’s Resolution:

“I won’t steal anymore toilet paper while you’re on the potty and I won’t eat it!!”

Lorna Stachowicz

5. Kelly Batchelor

Dog’s Name: Maizey
Maizey’s Resolution:

“I will learn to potty train!”

Kelly Batchelor

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