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2017 Mutt Madness Matchups: Who Will Be Top Dog?

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We’re breaking down some stats to help you decide which breed you’ll be voting for in our 2017 Mutt Madness bracket challenge! Retired to the Mutt Madness Hall of Fame is the Golden Retriever—as the 2016 champion, he can hang up his jersey with pride. Who will join him in the winner’s circle this year? Will the mixed breeds make a comeback?



This popular hybrid brings the watchful and spirited personality of the Beagle and the gentle, sweet nature of the Pug. He beat out the Peek-a-Poo last year—and with the Goldendoodle out of commission, he might have the endurance to really outlast the competition.



That’s right—this unique breed continues to make a big splash in social media feeds everywhere. While he won’t be pulling a large sled anytime soon, the Pomsky is loving, friendly, and playful. Few will be able to resist a miniature-looking Husky.

Mixed Mutt


What the mixed mutt lacks in name recognition, he makes up for with a Cinderella story. There’s nothing quite like giving a one-of-a-kind shelter dog a home. While it’s nearly impossible to pin down his background, this underdog with humble beginnings just might make it to the end.



Endlessly playful and affectionate, the Maltipoo has the ability to retain a puppy-like appearance and personality for years. Boasting a manageable size, being the smallest of the bunch, this always-popular pocket-sized breed is a worthy contender.



The Shihpoo is just as playful as his name implies, and he aims to please—in fact, his sweet, cuddly disposition is pretty unbeatable. Bringing great energy to any family, this little one could very well sweet-bark his way to the end.



The Yorkipoo has his affectionate nature, sociability, and watchdog skills going for him. Not to be underestimated for his small stature, this mixed breed may be bold and bright enough to beat out some of the strongest contenders.



This Jack Russell Terrier–Beagle hybrid may not be the most well-known mixed breed, but he’s probably the smartest. This independent, quick-witted hunter also makes an excellent watchdog. Let’s see how he fares against the ever-popular Cockapoo.



This loving and intelligent pup is the shaggiest, and perhaps the cutest, of the pack. He scores points for friendliness, adaptability, and trainability. A true family companion, this pup could very well charm himself into the winner’s circle.

Labrador Retriever


Getting a whopping 49% of your votes against the Golden Retriever last year, the Lab is a strong contender—this good-natured working dog is America’s most popular breed. Does he have what it takes to beat out the formidable German Shepherd in the first round?

German Shepherd

german shepherd

This regal working dog’s undying loyalty, intelligence, and prominent background in police and military work make him a top competitor. He weighs in anywhere from 49 to 71 pounds and has a certain honorable spirit that tends to garner a lot of respect.

Border Collie

border collie

America’s most intelligent breed brings a lot to this competition. The Border Collie is an agile herder and a true workaholic. He shows great tenacity when he’s working, but is also really affectionate. Could this overachiever beat out the tough competition?



Another newcomer, we can think of 101 reasons that this spotted smarty may be the winner. His clout in the movie industry coupled with his intelligence gives the Dalmatian a certain appeal that the other competitors envy.

Basset Hound

basset hound

This competition could be a tortoise-and-hare race with the Basset Hound in play. He’s low and slow, and his irresistible floppy ears, sad eyes, and spotted coat give him a charming appearance that makes him authentically lovable.



Don’t underestimate the short-legged Dachshund; this pint-sized hound is notorious for his determination and true grit. Coming in various sizes and colors, he may be just stubborn enough to stick it out all the way to the end.

French Bulldog

french bulldog

The compact Frenchie packs a big punch of playfulness and sociability, and has become one of America’s most popular breeds. His oversized ears give him a certain character that the other breeds lack. Will this brawny lightweight be the leader of the pack?

Boston Terrier


This “American gentleman” is a newcomer to the competition and always looks like he’s dressed in his tuxedo best. Will the Boston’s peppy and affectionate disposition give him the edge over the more seasoned purebreds?

That concludes your 2017 lineup—look for our Mutt Madness emails so you can vote for your favorites!

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