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Moderate Chew FlexiChew Bone

Big fun for tiny dogs! Nylabone's fillable dog toys satisfy your dog's instinct to chew. Designed for smaller, more moderate chewers who prefer flex and give, these mini dog chew toys will help to keep your dog entertained, engaged, and away from destroying your favorite pair of shoes! In addition to curbing destructive chewing, the ridges and nubs on these small dog chew toys help reduce plaque and tartar as dogs chew for cleaner teeth and fresher breath. With allergen-free peanut butter and bacon flavor throughout, these flavorful chews will keep your best friend busy, happy, and satisfied. Fill flavor pockets with spreadable treats for even more fun dog chew toys. Veterinarian-recommended and dog-approved!



  • Dog chew toys with delicious flavor throughout
  • Long-lasting dog chew toys that keep dogs busy and entertained
  • Dog chew toys for small dog breeds
  • Two fun dog chew toys in delicious peanut butter and bacon flavors

UPC#: 018214839682

Helps With:

  • Training
  • Weight
  • Dental
  • Stress
  • Boredom
  • Destr_Chewing