5 Cool Reasons Why Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

If you could ask your dog to name their favorite activities, playing with squeaky toys would probably be high on their list! Just a few squeezes are all it takes to get your furry friend's heart pumping and tail wagging. But what is it about that high-pitched squeal furry friends find so irresistibly enticing?

There are multiple reasons why dogs like squeaky toys, and some of them are sure to surprise you. From your pup's primal instincts to their creative ways of communicating with you, discover the factors that influence their love for these exciting toys!

#1: They Release Your Dog's Inner Wolf

Did you know all dogs descend from ancient, wolf-like ancestors? These wild creatures hunted small animals such as rodents and used superior dog hearing abilities to detect their high-pitched squeals, according to Morgridge Institute for Research. The ancestral prey drive lives on in modern canines, capturing dogs' attention when they hear a noise that sounds like a scared little mammal.

When a pup pounces on their favorite squeaky toy, they are catching their "prey" and gratifying this natural instinct! Just make sure your pooch doesn't actually prey on their squeaky toy as they play.

#2: They Provide a Unique Psychological Benefit

puppy on grass with tennis gripz 

Think about the immediate joy you feel when you put on your favorite song or bite into a delicious piece of cake. Dogs feel the same instant gratification when they press down on a toy and hear it squeak because their brains are wired to enjoy catching prey. Because this sound mimics those tantalizing rodent-like squeals we explained earlier, dogs feel rewarded when they cause the toy to make the exciting noise.

Stimulating your pup plays an important role in keeping them occupied, and giving them an outlet to create their own stimulation makes playtime even more fun. That helps explain why dogs go crazy for squeaky toys!

#3: They Can Trick You into Playing

corgi looking up 

As arguably the most social pets on the planet, dogs usually know just how to get our attention when they want something. And what better way to get attention than to squeak a loud toy over and over again?

If your four-legged pal starts playing with a squeaky toy when they're right by your side, they could be signaling that they want you to join in on playtime. This is especially true if your dog is used to enjoying toys with you and rarely takes part in solo play. The next time you're sitting on the couch and your pup coincidentally drags over a squeaky ball, there's a good chance they're looking for a playmate!

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#4: They Satisfy Your Dog's Urge to Chew

An occupied dog is a happy dog! In addition to that thrilling high-pitched sound, squeaky toys intrigue your furry friend and keep their mind busy. The mental benefits don't stop at boredom busting; interactive toys like these encourage dogs to solve problems, which can strengthen their mental abilities, according to Animal Wellness Magazine. Just make sure you keep an eye on your dog while they play and take the toy away once it shows signs of wear.

#5: They're Just Plain Fun!

One of the biggest reasons why dogs go crazy for squeaky toys is the incredible stimulation they provide. After all, these toys are very versatile: you can throw them, tug them, and of course, squeak them. The squeaky dog play toys from our Power Play Series even feature easy-pickup shapes and unpredictable bouncing action for ultra-fun play sessions!

Squeaky toys come in many different shapes and sizes, and there are sure to be plenty of options that will please your pooch. And if one of you happens to not love the idea of hours of squeaky fun, periodically rotating squeaky toys in the mix will keep your dog's interest piqued.

That Squeakin' Sure is Satisfyin'

These playthings may be simple, but the many reasons why dogs love squeaky toys draw on complex psychological and ancestral factors. Squeaky toys can also benefit you, keeping your pup busy with an engaging activity. Let the fun begin!


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