Dog Zoomies: 5 Reasons Pups Go Wild!

Seemingly out of nowhere, your dog starts to run circles around your living room table. They take a detour through the adjacent room but soon they’re back for another lap...or two...or three. Then, they take the action to the couch. For a moment, it’s as if they stand on the wall behind it. Pillows are flying and everything in their path is soon in disarray.


Does this sudden, entertaining burst of energy sound familiar? It’s a common behavior among our furry friends, but many pet parents may not realize that dog zoomies actually improve a dog’s physical and mental health!

Learn five possible reasons why dog zoomies occur, and what you can do to maximize the enjoyment for your furry friend!

Why Do Dogs Get the Zoomies?

It turns out there’s more behind your dog’s urge to crazily run around than a silly mood! Here are some common reasons for your dog’s zoomies.

Releases Energy

The most obvious reason why dogs get the zoomies is to release built-up energy. If your dog is left in their crate or unattended for a long time, they will typically need stimulation to make up for a relatively inactive day.

Diminishes Boredom

Sometimes dogs need to take things into their own paws! They are co-dependent creatures, so they get bored when they don’t get the active time their bodies and minds crave. In this case, dog zoomies simply give your furry friend something to do while filling their cup with joy.

Not only do dogs need physical exercise, but their brains need to be put to work. Offering play toys or teaching a new trick can provide the mental stimulation they crave! Something as simple as letting your dog smell and sniff their surroundings on a walk can positively impact their mental wellbeing.

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jack russell dog running in a field

Lowers Stress

The zoomies help our furry friends cope with their anxious energy in stressful situations. You may notice the behavior following a veterinarian checkup, at the dog park, or in unfamiliar places. Many dogs even get the zoomies after a bath!

So, why do dogs get zoomies after a bath? Frankly, many furry friends don’t love bath time. Plus, they typically wipe their wet ears and face on rugs or pillows in attempt to dry off and get their usual scent back, according to the Humane Society of North Texas. Bathtubs are also small, confined areas, so if your dog builds up some excess energy, they’re bound to need to let off some steam.

Indicates Happiness

You may be wondering: are zoomies a sign of a happy dog? We have good news! Because our furry friends often express joy through physical exertion, zoomies can indeed be a sign of a happy dog. So, if your dog is wagging their tail, you are likely a great pet parent! Well done!

Signals Potty Time

If your dog is crazily running around, it could mean they need to relieve themselves. Take note of when they were last outside; if it’s been a few hours, your dog could be trying to tell you something.

In this case, zoomies can remind you to consider if there’s anything that can improve your dog’s lifestyle—even if it’s when you schedule potty time!

Is Your Roomie Having the Zoomies?

Bottom line: dog zoomies are a healthy response to certain emotions and circumstances! Use this behavior to your advantage, especially if you are looking to learn how to calm down a puppy. If nothing else, these bouts of activity remind you to play with your dog and simply enjoy their unique personality every day!


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