How to Calm Down a Puppy: 5 Quick Tips

It's not uncommon for a hyper puppy to be calm one moment and especially energetic the next. From quickly darting around the house with a case of the puppy zoomies to suddenly wanting to play, play, play before bedtime, a hyper puppy's actions seem to come out of nowhere. This can make for a fun and exciting start to pet parenting, but it can also be exhausting at times.


Why Is My Puppy So Hyper?

The world is a fascinating place...especially for young puppies! When little ones are introduced to too many new experiences in one day, especially without rest, they may become overwhelmed, overtired, or even hyper.

Most often though, hyperactivity is the result of a lack of mental stimulation. When puppies feel bored and their brains haven't been put to work, they may entertain themselves in disruptive ways such as chewing destructively, jumping on furniture, or running amok.

Your little furry friend will likely settle down as they become more comfortable with their surroundings. In the meantime, we've compiled a tried-and-true list of tips on how to calm down a puppy!


#1: Establish a Routine

Puppy with food bowl

Puppies need structure and consistency in order to develop good behaviors. By following a regular schedule, your puppy will learn what is expected of them and become better adjusted to daily life.

Feeding should occur around the same times each day. Dogs typically require meals twice a day, but puppies who are four to six months old generally eat three times a day, according to WebMD. An easy way to remember when to feed your puppy is to stick to your own breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule!

Consistent potty breaks, playtime, and undisturbed sleep time should also be allotted. Frequent naps are especially important for allowing your puppy plenty of time to settle down and rest. Plus, this helps them avoid becoming overtired.


#2: Offer Chew Toys & Treats

Teething puppies LOVE to chew! Give your furry friend engaging puppy chew toys to satisfy their natural instincts and discourage destructive chewing. A healthy and amusing outlet, chew toys can help reduce boredom and stress while simply providing something entertaining to do.

Once your puppy is calm, you can help reinforce positive behaviors with long-lasting chew treats. Certain treats, like our highly digestible Healthy Edibles Puppy Chew Treats, are specially formulated for growing puppies. They are also made with wholesome ingredients such as DHA Omega-3 that aids in brain and eye development.


#3: Exercise Your Puppy

Puppy Running

From playing a game of fetch to going on a walk, exercise provides your pup with mental and physical stimulation. It is a bonding activity that channels your dog's energy and leaves them feeling happily tuckered out afterward.

To encourage exercise and avoid the late-night zoomies, consider giving your little one play toys with engaging shapes and colors!

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#4: Play Music

Just as music can be therapeutic for humans, the same can be said for dogs. According to a study published in Physiology & Behavior, auditory enrichment has been shown to reduce canine stress. Researchers found that when music was played, dogs spent more time lying down and less time standing.

Curiously enough, soft rock and reggae music were associated with the most relaxed try putting on some of these tunes for your pup!


#5: Provide Calming Supplements

Aside from daily hyperactivity, some puppies may need help calming down during fireworks, thunderstorms, long-distance travel, and other stressful situations. To help soothe and pacify your hyper puppy in these specific instances, we recommend high-quality calming supplements for dogs.

You'll find varieties made from a range of beneficial ingredients such as soothing chamomile flower, melatonin, and L-tryptophan.


Time to Relax

Figuring out how to calm down a puppy can feel quite challenging at first. By following these helpful tips, however, we hope your little one grows increasingly comfortable and learns to settle down! 


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