For Every Reason to Chew, There's a Nylabone

Why Nylabone?

Since 1955, Nylabone® has been making the very best chew toys, chew treats, play toys, and dental solutions for dogs of every breed, shape, and size. Our wide assortment of products keeps our best friends happy and entertained, promotes proper dental health, and satisfies dogs' natural chewing instincts.

To put it simply, Nylabone Chews Best™!

#1 Brand of Dog Chew Toys

Nylabone is the industry leader in creating high-quality dog chew toys. With more than six decades of experience learning why dogs love to chew, we are a trusted provider of chew toys in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, strengths, and flavors.


Every Dog Deserves a Nylabone

We know that dogs love to chew, and it is nature's way of helping our four-legged friends relieve boredom, anxiety, and stress. Our products help dogs manage these emotions and safely satisfy their chewing instincts, along with providing a delicious reward and supporting dental health.


Trained Dog Experts

Our team collaborates with veterinarians, trainers, and pet parents to carefully design products for every kind of dog and purpose—from keeping dogs occupied to training and treating.


Approved by Our Own Dogs and Pet Parents

Before we introduce new products to dogs and pet parents everywhere, we ensure our own furry friends love every chew toy, chew treat, play toy, and dental solution.


Designed and Tested in the USA

As pet parents and dog lovers ourselves, we set high standards for every Nylabone product and take sustainable actions to promote a healthier planet. Everything we make is carefully developed and assessed right here in the United States. Learn more about our rigorous testing and pet food safety certifications.


Nylabone Saves Lives

Destructive chewing is a leading reason dogs are taken to shelters. To encourage healthy chewing habits and help dogs stay in their forever homes, we donate more than $500,000 of durable chew toys to dog shelters every year through our Nylabone Cares program.