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  • 5 New Years Resolutions for Your Dog

    It’s the New Year, and chances are you rang it in with a personal resolution you’re determined to keep. But did you forget about your dog?

  • Are You Choosing and Using Treats Correctly?

    Beware the power of the treat! When coupled with a treat, behaviors will likely intensify or become more frequent whether it's intentional or not.

  • Rewarding 101: Finding the Best Treats for Puppies

    Are you the parent of a new pup? Read these tips on selecting the best treats for puppies to provide your furry friend a safe and healthy reward!

  • Cancer in Dogs

    Cancer is as prevalent in dogs as it is in humans. It is the number one fatal disease in purebred dogs! Learn more.

  • Can Dogs See Color?

    Can dogs see color? We have the answer to this common question and share the science behind dogs’ vision!

  • Check Your Dog for Ticks

    Ticks pose a real health threat for your dog because of the serious diseases they can carry, like Rocky Mountain spotted fever & Lyme disease.

  • Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

    We all know that our food choices affect our health and quality of life, and this also holds true for your dog.

  • Cooking for Your Dog

    Everybody deserves the best possible diet, including your dog. Providing your dog with a home-cooked meal is an option to consider.

  • Do Dogs Have Taste Buds? 7 Flavor Facts

    Ever see your dog try to eat something unappealing and wonder: Do dogs have taste buds? Learn about their sense of taste and the flavors they love most.

  • Does Your Dog Have Food Allergies?

    It seems that allergies are becoming more and more common in dogs, and foods are one of the main triggers.