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We are a proud Advocate member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, an organization that educates, inspires, and accelerates the pet industry to advance its environmental & social practices.


Our Commitment Toward Sustainable Pet Products

We at Nylabone believe every dog deserves a happy, loving home on a cleaner planet. That's why it's our mission to produce top-quality products that furry friends love in a greener way that best serves our dogs, pet parents, our community, our customers, and our Earth.

We're not only following smart, energy-efficient practices at all our facilities but also finding creative ways to make eco-friendly packaging and devoting our attention to developing sustainable pet products.

Here's what we've accomplished on our path to becoming a sustainable pet brand!

Nylabone sustainability infographic

The Power of Smarter Energy

We're continually finding new ways to adopt eco-conscious processes as we make your dog's favorite Nylabone® chew toys and treats! We've replaced all incandescent and fluorescent lighting with LED lights & motion sensors and introduced energy-efficient, state-of-the-art machinery in our facilities.

Less Plastic = Smaller Carbon Footprint

Minimizing waste isn't an ambition—it's our responsibility. That's why we're switching our product packaging to feature PET, a 100% recyclable material. So far, our new packaging initiatives have saved hundreds of cubic yards of landfill space and reduced how many natural resources we use.

Happy Dogs, Happy Planet

Our furry friends are at the heart of everything we do, and it's our priority to help keep the world we share a beautiful place. Behind all our exciting chew toys, delicious chew treats, fun play toys, and veterinarian-recommended dental products, there's a commitment to make dogs' tails wag and promote a healthy environment where they can thrive!


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