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Power Play Puppy Gum-a-Ball

Built with irresistibly squishy material, the Puppy Gum-a-Ball offers a gummy texture that's gentle on puppy teeth. The innovative shape of this resilient ball creates a fascinating, erratic bounce your furry all-star will love—and it springs back to its original shape! Whether on land or in the water, this exciting toy will jumpstart your pup's play game.


  • Gummy texture is perfect for puppies
  • Mesmerizing bounce engages and entertains furry friends
  • Resilient material springs back into shape
  • Perfect for solo or team play
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Intended for puppies of all sizes

NON EDIBLE: Dogs should not bite off large pieces. Always supervise

the use of chews and toys. Pet toy not intended for children. This product is a toy not intended for chewing. Inspect, remove & replace if toy is damaged.

UPC#: 018214852902

Helps With:

  • Stress
  • Training
  • Weight
  • Boredom


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