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    Any healthy and fit dog can participate in outdoor activities. While not all can carry on for miles, the following breeds are superstars in this regard.

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    Teaching your pup basic commands when he is young makes advanced training much easier. Many intermediate commands require your dog to perform one or more basic commands

  • 10 Top Trainable Dog Breeds

    What classifies a dog breed as trainable? It all depends on what you want to teach him to do.

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    People who choose to adopt a mixed-breed dog get the best of all worlds. They have chosen an absolutely unique pet and have opened their heart to a very special friend.

  • Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs: 5 Items to Avoid

    Although festive foods and decorations are great for us humans, some can be dangerous to dogs. Follow these holiday safety tips for dogs to protect your pup.

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    Whether you're looking to lounge on stretches of sand with your dog or take a scenic hike in the mountains, Pacific destinations are sublime.

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    It’s the New Year, and chances are you rang it in with a personal resolution you’re determined to keep. But did you forget about your dog?

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    Furry friends offer companionship to people of all ages! Learn about the best dogs for seniors plus each breed’s unique characteristics and requirements.

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    Adding a new canine companion to your family is extremely exciting. However, your new adopted dog has to adjust to a lot of things. Take these tips!