Made by the Brand Dogs Love and Pet Parents Trust

Nylabone has been creating the most satisfying products for dogs since 1955. Our all-new Power Play Toys are our industry-leading team’s latest innovations developed in collaboration with veterinarians, trainers, and pet parents.

Expertly Designed for Dogs

We strategically created these first-of-their-kind play toys to provide your dog the ultimate playtime experience. Never-before-seen pickup-indent shapes and easy-grip textures make our play-engineered toys easy to throw, fetch, and tug.

Bounce Higher! Chase Farther! Play Harder!

Each play toy has its own special features that will level up your dog’s favorite way to play. From the easy-pickup Tennis Gripz™ with its enticing squeaker to the fun Fling-a-Bounce™ with its long-distance launch loop, our Power Play Toys combine multiple play patterns for more excitement than ever before.

High-Grade Materials for Power Players

Power Play Toys are made with durable materials such as heavy-duty natural rubber and double-layered canvas. Featuring highly visible colors that are easy for our furry friends to see, these play toys will make any dog an MVP!


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