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5 Dog-Friendly Options for a Night Out

It’s Friday night and you want to go out and do something fun, but you were out of the house working all day and don’t want to leave your dog home alone again tonight. Not to worry—there are several ways you and your pup can have some fun together that don’t involve an evening trip to the dog park or just another walk around the block. Here are five options for you and your furry companion to enjoy a summer night together:

#1: See an Outdoor Movie

More and more cities are offering outdoor movie screenings—often even free of charge—at parks, beaches, or drive-in movie theaters. This is the perfect opportunity to sit on a blanket, have some popcorn, and catch a movie while your dog noshes on a chew toy beside you. You can even play fetch or socialize with other dogs before the movie starts to expend some of his energy first.

Search the web for screenings near you, or if you live in one of the areas below, we’ve gotten you started with a few good options:

#2: Go Out to Dinner With Your Dog

Ever ordered delivery so you wouldn’t have to leave your dog home alone? You don’t have to order in every weekend—more restaurants and bars are allowing dogs in their outdoor eating areas. You can take your dog for a stroll down Main Street, enjoy some food and drinks, and not worry about rushing home to take your dog out. Just remember to call ahead and make sure the restaurant can accommodate your four-legged friend.

Visit http://petfriendlyrestaurants.com/ to find a dog-friendly establishment near you.

#3: Go Camping

Taking a little hike, enjoying nature, and warming up by a campfire is a great way to bond with your dog and some friends. Many campsites permit dogs, and some even have cabins you can rent rather than setting up a tent. Just make sure the hike isn’t too intense for your dog and that he’s familiarized with sleeping in a tent well in advance. Setting up a tent and roasting marshmallows in the comfort of your own backyard could be a fun test-run for the real thing.

Visit http://www.bringfido.com/lodging/campgrounds/ to check out dog-friendly campgrounds in your area.

#4: Go to a Ball Game

Have you and your dog ever gone to the ballpark together? “Bark in the Park” events allow baseball fans to bring their dogs to MLB games and cheer on their favorite baseball team together. Parents and pooches can participate in the Pup Parade on the field before the game, visit the sponsors’ booths, and then sit in the stands to enjoy the game. Nylabone, Avoderm Natural Pet Foods, and the Animal Rescue Foundation are sponsoring these game-day events in stadiums across the United States.

For game schedules and more information, visit: http://www.nylabone.com/dog-house-chatter/MLB

#5: Go Out for Ice Cream

Who doesn’t enjoy cooling off with an ice cream cone on a hot August night? Treat yourself and your dog to this delightful summertime snack! Remember that frozen yogurt is a healthier choice for canines than regular ice cream (and always avoid giving dogs chocolate, of course!). You can also buy ice cream that’s specially made for dogs at your local pet retailer; bring it along with you to give to your pampered pup while you indulge in your cone. Or make his frozen treats yourself with natural ingredients: http://barkpost.com/diy-ice-cream-recipes/

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